The story so far

Purple Sky

An unusual world, inhabited by even more unusual muffins of all forms and sizes, is going to taste a whole new definition of alien invasion. Purple rays and fiery sparks suddenly filling the once crystal sky, ready to clear up at any moment, but only to reveal a most sinister figure…

The SpaceMuffin

An intergalactic overlord famed for his extreme exploits and merciless challenges. The SpaceMuffin has come to put the muffin people to the test… a gruesome one, in exchange for their planet safety.

Those brave or foolish enough to take up on his call, are in for a most painful treat though, for the Space Muffin foresees only two possible outcomes: either victory or termination.

But fear not…for someone else stood up to come in your aid.

Dr. Muffin

A most brilliant and lunatic individual also called by the nickname of Geeky Muffin, has come up with a database, known as the Healing Muffin, enriched with all the information, tips and handy tricks you may ever need in those perilous challenges.

Whereas the SpaceMuffin relies on his brutal force, the Dr. Muffin believes in wits and brain to counter his spacey arch-enemy.

Battle for The Muffin World

Will you be brave enough to take on the SpaceMuffin Challenges? Or see how others will fare… or fail?

Maybe another time…

Oh… in that case, you can always take a walk to the underground Black Market for less drama and much interesting stuff. The SalesMuffin is always eager to keep people safe and entertained while leaving the dirty job to others.