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How to use Roundabout and EX Jumbo Rebound – Cuphead
Feeling overpowered by the meanie bosses of Cuphead? Time to overpower them with Roundabout! Read more.
How to battle with a Super Warrior – Dragon Ball Legends.
One of the most (apparently) incomprehensible challenges is explained here. Read more.
How to install W3EE – The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition Overhaul Mod
Having trouble installing the W3EE overhaul mod manually without incurring into some problems? Let’s meditate on it.   Read more.
How to get over level 300 – Dragon Ball Legends
Are you stuck at level 300 with all of your Dragon Ball characters? It’s time to awaken your power beyond Read more.
How to use the Dragon Knight – Heroes of the Storm
You know the usual drill, take control of the obelisks and then channel into the altar to become the mighty Read more.
How to beat Ultra Instinct Goku event – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Beating Ultra Instinct Goku can be very challenging and not just for the new players. Read more.
How to use the Payload – Paladins
In Siege Mode the payload is still alive. Knowing how to use it properly could make the difference between success Read more.
How to get rid of the grey screen – Paladins
In Paladins, even pressing “Play” to start the game could prove to be a real nuisance. Read more.
How to start streaming live on Twitch – Streamlabs OBS Guide
So, you’d like to learn about streaming and get started with your own channel as fast as possible? Keep twitching! Read more.
How to get all Pink Mercy cosmetics – Overwatch
The first charity skin in Overwatch is available from May 8. Read more.