How to play Gwent Homecoming

Little DR Muffin 2 blog.pngSo, Gwent has been officially released, but are you ready for its “Homecoming”?

If you are a veteran from the beta or never played it at all, Gwent Homecoming its a very different game from what it used to be. Although we are not here to discuss the very basics (which the game tutorial does a great job explaining), we are going to give some hidden/useful tips and insights on what to expect in the game:

1. Never pass when you have 8 or more cards

Might seem obvious, but it wasn’t for many returning players who were used to play with card advantage in mind. In Gwent Homecoming your hand size is limited to 10 cards, any additional card you overdraw will be banished (removed from the game).

2. Always read the ability of a card and in which lane it activates

It can be quite easy to quickly play a card and realize as quickly that we positioned it on the wrong lane to trigger an order/ability.

3. The number of mulligans available are carried throughout the whole match

Say you’ve used none of your available mulligans at the beginning of the match, you’re still free to use the remaining ones at the beginning of every round. So be mindful of your deck composition and how many mulligans your Leader has to offer, which you can check on the number below the crown:

Healing Muffin Usurper.jpg

4. Provisions are the new “Quality over quantity” and the other way around

Contrary to the beta, we are not limited to 4 gold cards per deck anymore, instead, we are now limited by how many provisions each card needs to fit in our deck. Which can easily translate in a smaller deck with tougher cards or a bigger deck with slimmer, but, possibly more synergized cards.

5. Don’t rely too much on your leader

Because of cards like the Usurper, who’s ability is to negate your Leader power entirely, it would be best not to build your deck too much around one single card, instead, try to build additional synergies in your deck.

6. Keeping Roach till later rounds can be a viable strategy

Because of point 3, we can now choose when to mulligan away unwanted cards. Which means, for instance, that we don’t have to mulligan Roach right away, only to be exposed to the risk of drawing him again later. We can instead keep him and mulligan it in the final round to make sure he doesn’t show up at all.

Healing Muffin Roach.jpg

And that’s it for returning and new players! Again, be sure to pay great attention to the tutorial and have fun playing Gwent!

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