How to beat Android 17 Defender of Beliefs and Dreams – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Little DR Muffin 2 blogYou couldn’t find a way to surpass and crush into pieces Android 17’s barrier, eh? No need for lasers, just for my advice.

Beating Android 17 will grant you the Awakening Medals: Android #17 that are used to dokkan awaken android category characters (e.g., A Dream to Be Fulfilled Android #17, Ravenous Appetite Android #21 (Transformed)). However, stage 3 of Defender of Beliefs and Dreams challenge is a real nuisance.
Indeed, Android 17’s barrier will absorb any ki blast Super Attack.


From now on you can make use of 2 possible strategies.

1) Use normal attacks. This type of attack is not absorbed by Android 17 barrier. To proceed with this strategy, you have to build a team that suffers from ki-links. We do not want Super Attacks to happen so often.

2) Use Non Ki Blast Super Attacks. As for other past android challenges, you can build a team around characters that do not blast energy with their SA. To have an idea of which dragon ball characters fit this role, you can see on this reddit list.


Also, Dokkan Attacks are not absorbed by Android 17’ barrier, but we don’t have time to charge dokkan meter something like 5 or 6 times. Thus, don’t do it!

Do you wanna see someone succeed? Here we go!

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