Pathfinder Kingmaker – How to kill Spider Swarms

Little DR Muffin 2 blog.pngBelieve it or not, spiders are really dangerous in this game, the smaller ones anyway…

Yes, spiders are the bane of almost every rpg, but trust me if i told you that the first serious boss i’ve encountered in this game, were the spider swarms in Angberry Cave.


The first cave under a question mark you can find on the main map after helping out against bandits in Oleg’s Trading Post. Soon as you enter the cave, you are greeted by one big spider and then… unseen evil starts crawling on your whole party and slowly brutalizing it whole.

You can’t possibly kill them with your standard weapons, as you would miss most of the time and they are immune to piercing, slashing and bludgeoning damage. Unless you equip your melee characters with the Everburning Torch (you have two free torches from the start of the game) as shown below:


But the torches alone won’t do the job, we need some more spice to deal with those pesky spiders:

1) Buy the usable item Alchemist’s Fire from Bokken in Oleg’s Trading Post as shown below, equip each party member with at least a couple of them (Acid Flask works too):


2) If you have a wizard character, there are two spells for you to learn from the spellbook when you level up. Choose Burning Hands and Flare Burst for fire aoe damage as shown below:


Remember to equip your melee characters with the Everburning Torch, then have your ranged characters throw the Alchemist Fire or use Burning Hands/Flare Burst in case of a wizard. Unleash hell on those vile spiders and enjoy the Mayhem!




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