How to beat Earth-Shaking Showdown (vs. Goku)

Little DR Muffin 2 blogThe brand new Saiyan Led by Fate Goku is now available. Let’s find out the steps needed to achieve his powerful dokkan awakened form.

As for most of the other cards in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle you’ll need to beat a specific challenge multiple times to get awakening medals. To obtain Boiling Power Super Saiyan Goku you’ll have to collect 77 Awakening Medals: Goku. To get them, simply complete the aforementioned event.

What team comps are viable?

The event itself is not too hard. However, STR teams will suffer a lot in this challenge for obvious reasons. Indeed, in this scenario, Goku will have the type advantage against your team in all the stages (i.e., from 1 to 5). Instead, TEQ teams could sweep Goku easily. Category teams can also complete those stages without too many issues and for the joy of FTP player Ginyu force’s category will benefit from two TEQ characters (LR Ginyu Force Reborn Ginyu (Goku) and Brutal Bind Guldo). So, you can run the FTP team aswell.

One last tip: Don’t go unprepared into the battle. Items can still make a huge difference in preventing that awful game over screen from appearing. If you haven’t yet unlocked all the item slots, give a look at my guide here. In general, you should always take some healings with you (e.g., Dende, Senzu beans) and some others to handling enemy’s Super Attacks (e.g., Baba, Ghost Usher).

Got ya all you need? Go and smash Goku face!

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