How to find Tomes and Grimoires in The Horn of Magnus – Warhammer Vermintide

Little DR Muffin 2 blogStruggling to find the location of Tomes and Grimoires? Let’s get them!

Tomes and grimoires are excellent ways to boost up our chances at getting better loot with our dice roll. Be mindful though, that the tome occupies the healing item slot, while the grimoire occupies the potion slot along with a nasty reduction of 33% to the whole party’s health.

Having said that, lets begin with the first tome and grimoire in The Horn of Magnus. Both located inside a crypt in a little district to the right from the main road, with the entrance hidden by bushes as shown below:

First tome Horn of Magnus H.gif

Lets not forget of the Grimoire though, carefully hand-placed in a sneaky place which will require you to jump over the chest and then a brick to see it:

Grimoire Tome Location Horn of Magnus.gif

Now for the 2nd Tome, make sure to keep your eyes opened for a church, simply get inside the building and open the chest on the altar as shown below:

Second Tome Horn of Magnus.gif

For the 2nd Grimoire, right after you’ve destroyed the gate with gunpowder, go straight through the plaza until you get under the wall, look up for grimoire as shown below:

Second Grimoire Horn of Magnus.gif

The 3rd and final tome will be located behind a secret wall inside the tavern and will require you to open three chests in order to get to it. Simply get straight to the right soon as get down the ramp to open the first chest. Then up to the stairs turn left and you’ll see the second one. Keep going till you find a table with a candleholder, on its left there is a secret room with the last chest inside. Go back to the secret wall and voila:

Third Tome Secret Door Horn of Magnus.gif

Finish the mission and enjoy your roll dice! May good fortune and the Healing Muffin guide your dice!





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