How to pickpocket and level up Ledgermain quickly – Elder Scrolls Online

Little DR Muffin 2 blogNeed some money to buy a house? Go find a job… Just kidding! Learn how to pickpocket already!

So as you walk down the path of the outlaw, of which you can learn more from our previous guide, you’ll learn that there is so much money to be made from pickpocketing. Not only it yields some of the most valuable treasures you can find in the game, but also grants an exquisite boost to our Ledgermain skill with each successful attempt.

Now let’s get started! First of all travel to Mournhould in Deshaan:

Mournhold pickpocket.gif

There, we will find a route full of people relatively easy to rob (especially if you are just getting started) with no guards patrolling at all (except for one wandering around the outlaw refuge every now and then):

Pickpocket route.jpg

To pickpocket someone, just get behind them in a crouched state (“ctrl” by default), then wait for the eye symbol to close and the “hidden” text to pop up and you’ll be free to pickpocket (“E” by default). You can pickpocket every single npc up to three times before having to wait for their inventory to replenish:

Route 1 Pickpocket

If you wait for a few seconds behind your target, you’ll notice the pickpocket text will temporarily turn green, that shift in color indicates the soft spot aka our highest pickpocket chance for the target. I highly recommend waiting for it when pickpocketing difficult targets.

Route 2 Pickpocket

When you are done pickpocketing, you can get back to the outlaw refuge, shown at the starting point, to sell/launder your stolen goods to the fence. Exit and start over on the same route, the npc’s inventories will be mostly replenished by then and just a few runs will net you some good levels on Ledgermain.

Now that you know how to make a living, get out there and start pickpocketing your friends, remember to leave an Healing Muffin card on them though, so that they can learn how to pickpocket back!

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