How to Get 5 Star Characters – Hustle Castle

Little DR Muffin 2 blogIt’s time to breed humans! In order to complete Hustle Castle you will need the best human specimen! Fighters, among all others, are actually the only ones that can be leveled high enough to take advantage of the five stars. However, your army must be ready to fight powerful enemies.

This guide will help you completing the game without spending diamonds.
First of all, breeding in Hustle Castle is based on a RNG, but the odds to get rare characters are higher with high ranked parents. Basically, all we need to do is to match in the living room with at least one a man and one woman. At the beginning, we have a bunch of 3-star characters. We definitively need to do our best with what we have.

Remember, each woman can only get pregnant once per day. Interestingly, while they are pregnant they could still work within our castle and even fight outside of it. Anyway, for the male character’s joy and for efficiency we could switch out the females from the living room when they get pregnant with new ones. In this way, we could attempt to procreate a 5-star character more frequently. And yes, as for the Lannisters, incest is not forbidden within your castle.

The probability of getting a 4-star dweller with two 3’s parents is roughly 10%.
Once obtained a 4-star character from our 3-star starters we have to put hm/her into the breeding process to increase the chances of getting others 4’s and eventually a 5’s. When you finally get some 4-star characters your chance to obtain a 5-star from them will be again 1/10.

Now, take your characters and make them kiss, but before that share the Healing Muffin on social media to increase your good luck in breeding!

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