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Little DR Muffin 2 blogLooking for a more “subtle” way to remove the bounty from your head? Keep Scrolling!

So, lets say you’ve committed a crime and you have a visible bounty on the bottom right of your screen. The best course of action, in case you wish to avoid the guards and don’t want to lose your stolen item, is to look on the map for the following symbol Fence as shown below:

Outlaw refuge symbol location.png

You’ll eventually stumble upon a door (even trapdoors) with the same symbol painted on it:

Outlaw Refuge Door Symbol.png

That symbol represents an Outlaw Refuge, where you can remove your bounty and sell/launder stolen items. Talk to a Fence to remove your bounty for the equivalent of money you would own to a guard (this value can be lowered further by acquiring the Legerdemain “Kickback” skill), with the advantage that you also get to keep any stolen item and remove death bounties that can only be payed with blood from a guard perspective…

Here, lets take Daggerfall as an example:

Daggerfall Outlaw Refuge.png

There are two outlaw refugee locations, as you can see from the picture above, it is the same refugee with two different entrances. In this case, one inside the docks and the other one outside the city gate. The latter will be useful to those that have a death bounty on their head and wish to avoid contact with the guards, while the first one will be delightful to those who enjoy easy looting by stealing stuff and quickly selling it to the fence.

Another one, Mournhold:

Mournhold Outlaw Refuge.png

Same thing as Daggerfall really, the upper refuge near the docks is great for quick looting and back selling to the fence, while the latter is ideal to remove death bounties and getting in and out of the city with no risks.

Mournhold Outlaw Refue.png

Now go unleash some Mayhem! The outlaws will take care of the rest… for a nominal fee of course, which the Healing Muffin will be very happy to take… If you wish to take the outlaw life to the next level, you should learn how to pickpocket!

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