How to find and rescue Thelma Howcroft from the Priwen guards – Vampyr

Little DR Muffin 2 blogSo, your favorite vampire patient has gone missing, but do you really know where to start looking and if you can rescue her in time?

If you’ve embraced (killed) Thomas Elwood, you’ll probably notice that Thelma Howcroft has disappeared from the Hospital. Fear not, for she has just been kidnapped by the Priwen Guards, but make haste! For she may not last a few more days!

First of all, lets start in front of the Hospital bridge that leads to the Whitechapel Street as seen below:


Move forward until you have the option of warping on higher ground, there you will encounter a high-level (18) Skal, simply avoid his short ranged attacks and you will be fine even 10 level under him. Keep going through the street until you’ll find three praven guards around level 14 guarding a gate:

To the rescue Vampyr.gif

If the Gate is locked: make sure you have dispatched the Priwen guards that are spying on Thelma. You can find them by taking the street on the right of the bridge you saw at the beginning of this very guide, they are inside the building.

So, the gate is the only thing that separates you from rescuing Thelma Howcroft, there will be two regular Priwen guards and one Priwen Chaplan surrounding her. The Priwen Chaplan has high resistance to shadow and blood abilities, so make sure to hit him hard in melee or with a gun:

To the rescue of Thelma Howcroft Vampyr.gif

When you are done killing these mere mortals, simply approach Thelma to initiate a conversation. There will be a couple of Y decisions followed by some interesting dialogue. You will find her in the hospital the next day, ready to go further in the conversation.

Speaking to Thelma Howcroft after rescue.gif

At this point you should have obtained all of her three hints, unlocking her full exp… if you managed to cure her migraine that is… and if you don’t feel horrible at embracing her after all you’ve done to rescue her.

Now go and delve further into this gloomy but deeply captivating world of Vampyr.

Just make sure to think carefully the next time you are embracing someone. HealingMuffin may be a good candidate for that purpose, although there is no blood to be had, only blueberry juice… we are SORRY!

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  1. What if the gate there is locked? How do you unlock it? I cannot reach Thelma even after killing the guards the gate is just locked and it wont open. I even went into the nearby building but no keys found.

  2. Hi David, if you haven’t done it already, dispatch the Priwen guards that are spying on Thelma first. You can find them by taking the street on the right of the bridge you see in this very guide, they are inside the building.

    1. You have to also grab the paperwork immediately to the left in that room. That’s the only way it unlocked for me .

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