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Little DR Muffin 2 blogFeeling overpowered by the meanie bosses of Cuphead? Time to overpower them with Roundabout!

Roundabout is one of the first alternative shots that can be acquired from the shop for the modest price of 4 coins (one found in the tutorial and the other gifted by the apple guy on the bridge) as shown below:

Cuphead Roundabout Shop.gif

This hard-hitting projectile works pretty much like a boomerang, in the sense that when shot, it will travel a short distance in front of you before turning backwards towards the end of the screen, hitting enemies in front and behind you without having to face them as shown here:

Cuphead roundabout op.gif

But lets not forget about the true star of Roundabout, its EX Jumbo Rebound, a big projectile that will swing left and right, dispatching our bosses quite fast… if used properly.

Just make sure you are near the boss you want to hit, face to the opposite side and then use your EX (B default), so that the projectile will travel a short distance before coming back and hit the boss multiple times as shown below (with multiple bosses you can hit them a great deal of times):

EX Jumbo Rebound.gif

Or you can show’em who’s the true boss by effortlessly shot your boomerangs without facing them:

Cuphead hitting bosses.gif

Roundabout is also incredibly efficient at quickly dispatching simple enemies in the Run&Gun challenges, whereas other projectiles would take multiple shots to kill one of them, roundabout takes roughly one:

Roundabout in Run&gun.gif

If you enjoy a good challenge, try it in coop with your buddy and enjoy the mayhem on the screen!

Now go have fun with your boomerang shots, but not before giving a shot to the Healing Muffin goodies!

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