How to install W3EE – The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition Overhaul Mod

Little DR Muffin 2 blogHaving trouble installing the W3EE overhaul mod manually without incurring into some problems? Let’s meditate on it.


So first of all, head over to the W3EE nexus mod page, under Main Files download “W3EE – 3.30 Final” to your desktop.

Open up the folder where you have installed The Witcher 3 (where the “dlc” folder is located) then open the previously downloaded archive “W3EE – 3.30 Final” with 7z and extract the content to the The Witcher 3 folder as shown below:

W3EE The Witcher Enhanced Edition Manual Installation.gif

Afterwards, double click on the keybinds.txt in the The Witcher 3 folder, press ctrl+A to copy the whole content, then go to Documents\The Witcher 3 and double click on input.settings, paste the content on top as shown below:

W3EE The Witcher Enhanced Edition Input Settings W3EE.gif

Now lets check if everything works correctly! Launch the game, start a new game from the expansion (W3EE won’t work on a vanilla save), you’ll notice that the UI has simply vanished, don’t worry, its simply Friendly UI integrated in W3EE that did it.

Now go in the Options then into Key Bindings and look for the first key that triggers the W3EE – night sight effect (one of the W3EE features), change it if you’d like and go back into the game. Now press the night sight key and see if it triggers the cat’s potion night vision effect as shown below:

W3EE The Witcher Enhanced Edition Input Settings  Night Sight test.gif

If you dilated your pupils correctly then you’re a true Witcher my friend and worthy of using W3EE from now on!

If you think Geralt could use a shield in this harsh world (he already uses a crossbow afterall), W3EE is natively compatible with them, simply head over to the Shields nexus mod page, download the main file, open it up and extract only the dlc part inside The Witcher 3 game folder.

If you’d like to install other mods alongside W3EE, simply check the compatibility patches under Optional Files and follow the process carefully for each mod, the forum section offers some more hints and guides to make many other mods compatible with the overhaul.

Time for you to go White Wolf! Dilate your pupil more and you might see an Healing Muffin popping out aswell!

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