How to use the Dragon Knight – Heroes of the Storm

Little DR Muffin 2 blogYou know the usual drill, take control of the obelisks and then channel into the altar to become the mighty Dragon Knight… If only you knew how to use it properly…

So, as soon as you become the embodiment of the Dragon Knight you have the following two active abilities to tinker with:

Q) Flame Breath – Burns enemies in a cone for 85 damage and leaves a patch of fire on the ground dealing damage over 2 seconds. Pretty much self-explanatory, use it in team fights, possibly targeting places where you know the enemy heroes will stand for some time, so that you can take advantage of the burning over-time effect on the ground.

W) Savage Charge – Charge an enemy Hero to knock him back a great deal of distance and deal 450 damage. Especially useful if you can charge the enemy right before the woods and knock him to the other lane, possibly negating the enemy team of one hero in a team fight as shown below:

Kicking out hanzo.gif

Siege Destroyer

Since the Dragon knight is a tanky siege destroyer, avoid putting an healer in it, as the support will always come in handy to preserve the Dragon Knight in dire situations, instead, allow an assassin or preferably a tank to take control of it if you can, so that in case the Dragon form is destroyed or runs out, the tank can easily survive the focus of the enemy team.

Moreover, despite being a siege destroyer with double damage against structures and 60% resistance against towers, team fights will still be extremely crucial when you are a Dragon Knight. Avoid rampaging through towers alone with the enemy team on your neck, as you wouldn’t last that long, especially if you remain stuck on the top lane’s bridge between the towers and the enemy team behind.

Instead, take advantage of your innate 50% resistance against crowd control effects (like stun/root ecc.) and make sure to stay with your team, finish off the enemy and then take your time winning the match by destroying their lanes.

Time’s running out!

Don’t worry too much about time running out, as your Dragon Knight form will last for a minimum of 50 seconds plus 2 × each full minute of game time. Which means following this example:

If the game time is 14:02 minutes, 14×2=28 so 28 seconds will be added to the minimum of 50, resulting in a transformation that will last for 78 seconds. On later stages of the game, you can safely count on roughly 1 and a half minute of Dragon time without worrying of rushing or recklessly diving alone between the enemy arms.

Now go and plunge through the burning battlefield with that Dragon Form of yours… given it will last long enough to do some damage ah! Stay tuned to the Healing Muffin for more forms to tinker with!

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