How to beat Ultra Instinct Goku event – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Little DR Muffin 2 blogBeating Ultra Instinct Goku can be very challenging and not just for the new players. Moreover, if you want to dokkan awaken A Surging New Power Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-), beating this stage is mandatory. Indeed, you will need 77 awakening medals to get your Transdimensional Instinct Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-).
This challenge has 4 phases for the “Z-Hard” (5 medals) and 5 for the “Super 2” difficulty (7 medals). The choice is yours. In any case, you’ll need some advices on my part.

Hints and tricks


There is a very important issue to be addressed before we talk about possible teams that could handle UI Goku: Support items. Without them, you would probably fail with nearly every composition. Thus, you’d better be prepared. Indeed, Great Brilliance Goku in Phase 3 will crush you mercilessly with his Spirit Bomb attack.
For this very reason, it would be good to have all the support item slots unlocked. To do so simply click here.

You could handle him in two ways:

  • Delaying/nullifying his Super Attack
  • Greatly boosting your defence.

In the first case, you could rely on items like Baba, Ghost Usher and Pilaf. Instead, you could resist Goku’s Spirit Bomb thanks to Icarus, Whis (i.e., respectively opponent’s damage reduction by 35% and 40% for 2 turns), King Yemma (50% damage reduction for 1 turn) or Android #8 (i.e., 50% def increase for two turns).

If you don’t know where to find those items, look here at this table.

Support item Where to easily find/farm it
Random support capsule

Random enemy battle drops

Dragon Ball Super: Universe Survival Saga (Level 10)

Ghost Usher
Random support capsule

Random enemy battle drops

Dragon Ball Super: Universe Survival Saga (Level 10)

Battle of Gods (Level 3 and 4)
HOPE!! Fight Against Despair! (Level 12)

Hero Extermination Plan Evil Powers Strike Back (Level 7)

A New Threat!!! The Saiyan Warrior Race (Level 4)

The Tree of Might (Level 2 and 8)

Resurrection ‘F’ (Level 13)
King Yemma
Random support capsule

Random enemy battle drops

The Genius Bulma’s Battle Prep

Android #8
HOPE!! Fight Against Despair! (Level 10)

Another trick that you could exploit, even though its not so reliable, is to use characters with a medium-high evasion from Super Attacks (e.g., Scarlet Hero Super Saiyan 4 Goku, World’s Strongest Candy Vegito (Candy), The Supreme Fusion Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta). You could find a complete list of characters with this passive skill here.

Finally, remember that if you got Invincible Legend of Universe 11 Jiren, Goku’s damage reduction skill will be erased.


Possible teams

Youtube is a great source of information. Here you will find some examples of team used by players to overcome Goku’s power.

Super STR team
Shadow Dragon Saga Category team
Mono PHY team (JPN version)

Now go! Choose you best composition, but don’t forget to help yourself with the support items and the Healing Muffin aswell!

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