How to use the Payload – Paladins

Little DR Muffin 2 blogIn Siege Mode the payload is still alive. Knowing how to use it properly could make the difference between success and failure.

Once a Capture Point is taken by a team in Siege mode, a Payload cart will spawn. Obviously, it belongs to the team that has captured the point. While you are pushing the payload, this amazing cart full of explosives will heal you 50 hp for second. As you can see from this video:

It is not a big heal, however the payload will continue to heal your bruises even while in battle with the enemy team (i.e., contested payload). The payload will never heal your opponents, even if they are close to it, thus, staying near the payload will guarantee you and your teammates a slight advantage against the enemy team.

The payload also serves as a sort of shelter from the enemy damage.
However, it doesn’t work as a perfect shield. For instance, AoE attacks could overstep the payload “barrier” if they are targeted behind it. Furthermore, if you are pushing the cart in the open field, enemies could pierce you easily from the sides. In this case, first secure the area and then focus on escorting the payload.

Beware that if you lose the payload control, enemies could use it as their barrier, therefore, it would be wise to flank them instead of engaging frontally… did you hear me?

Now, push a payload full of Healing Muffins to your Paladins friends! They will be much grateful!

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