How to start streaming live on Twitch – Streamlabs OBS Guide

Little DR Muffin 2 blogSo, you’d like to learn about streaming and get started with your own channel as fast as possible? Keep twitching!

I trust you’ve been tinkering enough with your Twitch channel settings and appearance. Now its time to head right into the Streamlabs!

First of all, click on the big chunky “Download Beta” green button, we’ll ignore the Streamlabs for now, as you only need OBS to stream.

Run the downloaded exe and proceed to installation. Soon as you launch the application, it will require you to link your Twitch account, proceed to do so, then when asked about widgets, click on “setup later” on the bottom. It will run a check on your internet speed and location, when its finished, click on “Done”.

Now click on “Settings” on the top right corner, we will need to set your video and output values, but in order to avoid lag and freezes during the stream for both you and your viewers, we recommend the following setup:

Under Video:

  • Base (Canvas) Resolution to 1920×1080,
  • Output (Scaled) Resolution to 1280×720
  • Downscale Filter to Lanczos (Sharpened scaling, 32 samples)
  • Common FPS Values to 30

Under Output:

  • Video Bitrate between 2000 and 2500 (depending on your internet connection)

As shown below:

Setting Video and Output values on OBS.gif

And we are ready to go! Add your game to the Sources panel below by clicking on the “plus icon”, then on “Game capture” and finally on the “GO LIVE” button as shown below:

Adding the Game and go Live.gif

If you are playing your game in “Windowed Fullscreen“, click on the gear icon and make sure to choose “Capture Specific Window” under “Mode” and select the game application that you’re running as shown below:

Capture Specific Window if playing Windowed Fullscreen OBS.gif

Later we’ll delve into the Streamlabs to explore all the fancy widgets to make our channel look as pro as possible! Until then, smash that Healing Button and share with your streaming folks out there!


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