How to get all Pink Mercy cosmetics – Overwatch

Little DR Muffin 2 blogThe first charity skin in Overwatch is available from May 8.
Proceeds from the $15 Pink Mercy skin will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The legendary skin will be available for purchase in-game and online till May 21 (2018). So, don’t waste this opportunity to give your contribution to a better world.

How to purchase Pink Mercy

You can get the skin in two ways. First, you can get the Pink Mercy charity skin on Overwatch’s charity section of the Blizzard site. Don’t forget to specify the platform you play Overwatch on (i.e., PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One). Once a platform is selected, players will be redirected to the purchase page. Click on “Buy Now” to purchase the skin, or on “Gift” to buy the skin for a friend. Alternatively, you could buy the skin directly from the game main screen as you can see from the picture below.


And the other cosmetics?

Soon as you log-in for the first time during the event, you will earn the BCRF-themed player icon. Ok, this was the simplest part. Indeed, there are three more rewards. To get them, you will need to attend the Twitch Streams.


Now, before watching anything, make sure that your Twitch is connected to your Blizzard account. To do so, click here! Dr. Muffis is always eager to help you.

How do I know which streams are good for getting the rewards?

Check out the schedule below to see the participating streamers and when their charity streams will be live:

Now it is time for my scientific resources to play a role in this affair. Indeed, you will probably need to convert the indicated schedule to your time zone. Use this converter and you will never miss either the stream nor your cosmetic rewards.

Like never before, share the Healing Muffin with your Overwatch teammates!

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