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Little DR Muffin 2 blogDiscover how to farm your fields and harvest the best crops!
With a recent update, the Happy Village has now a new exciting activity other than fishing.

Farming will provide you with ingredients for your recipes (i.e., 1 ingredient for each 100 farming points). But be aware that you can take care of your plants for only 15 minutes a day.

Progress with your farming skill (i.e., max level = 10) and you will be able to plant new vegetables (until 9) and to expand the number of cultivable slots (from 1 to 9).

There are a so many things to farm, as you can see from the following picture:


Each type of “vegetable” has a different maturation time and, obviously, it gives you a different amount of farming points. Those plants with a higher time to mature properly are those that will make you collect more farming points.

Look at this table for an overview!

Plant Minutes to mature Farming points Unlock at level…
Wheat 1 7 1
Strawberry 2 15 3
Bell Pepper 3 30 5
Corn 4 45 6
Tomato 4 45 6
Watermelon 6 75 8
Rice 6 75 8
Carrot 12 150 9
Melon 12 150 9


The more time passes, the more challenges you should handle. For instance, you’ll have to water your plants and to get rid of parasites. These actions are not mandatory though. Your plants will grow up anyways. However, being a better farmer by taking care of your plant’s needs, will increase the probability to get a rare golden “fruit” (and a sweet additional bonus of 100 points).

Finally, beware of the crows!

Just kidding, no crows in cooking mama…so far!
So, don’t forget to water your plants and to share the Healing Muffin with your Cooking Mama friends out there!

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