How to find time to play video games and not feel guilty about it

Little DR Muffin 2 blogEver felt the “non productive” aura creeping in while playing video games?

At one point in our life, mostly after the twenties, we’ve all come up with sentences like: “I should stop playing and do something else” or the classic “I’m not feeling productive”. Whether we are married, with full-time jobs or simply slacking all day, it is very easy to disregard gaming as the regular hobby that it is, like it is watching a Tv series or a movie, gardening or birding (why not both!), as long as the mandatory stuff is done, there should be no guilt at killing time, right?

Now, the thing you might be asking to yourself would be: “Am i growing tired of video games?” Possibly! It is not unusual for people growing up to suddenly lose interest in what once defined their favorite past-time. But it is one thing to lose interest and another to feel guilty about it, thus, not finding the motivation to invest time into it.


The usual workaround you’ve been told since school days, is to do the mandatory stuff  first and then reward yourself with playtime after… but there are more effective ways to tell if you have grown bored of video games or simply need some sparks to light up your passion again:

Sharing is key


Playing games with friends or your significant other can reduce the guiltiness by a considerable amount, since you are effectively sharing your time with others, as if you were hanging out with them. If you are dedicated to single player games, sharing your experience/achievements with others on forums and community boards might help making this hobby feel more worthwhile.

Pick the worthy one,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/jhpne3yuwwq4uvpmayvj.png?resize=594%2C312&ssl=1

That big chunky Steam library looks really intimidating, especially when we expect to play all those games. Try to keep that library tight, as you probably don’t have the time to play all of those games, and if one doesn’t excite you, simply forget about it and move to the one that piques your interest.

Balancing real life with games

It is no secret that in order to enjoy that magnificent Nier Automata cutscene, you have to attend to your baby gamer jr. needs with the utmost care if you wish the screams to be over. It may sound dangerously similar to “do your homework first”, but its more like keeping your life and responsibilities in check, recognizing the priorities so that you will feel more relaxed and in the mood to play. So attend to baby gamer jr. first.

Gaming Block

If you haven’t been playing games for some time because of the aforementioned reasons, you probably can’t get back into it with a snap of your finger. Similarly to when we are learning new disciplines, you always start little by little each time so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming in your mind.

In the beginning days or those where you don’t feel inspired, you do ten minutes of the work, you can definitely do ten minutes and then leave the table. By the time you reach the tenth minute, you might feel compelled to keep going. Same thing should be applied to games aswell, you will slowly regain the hang of it, but in a more balanced and controlled manner.

Those are simple points that may (hopefully) help you you understand if you have grown bored with games or simply can’t find a way to make it feel worthwhile but still love it as a hobby.

So go ahead, try some of these points and report back to the Healing Muffin… if you are still a gamer that is!

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