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Little DR Muffin 2 blogLosing weight and having a healthy diet is crucial in today’s society and even more in our Muffins’ world.

According to science, diet self-monitoring is very important in behavioural treatment for weight loss. Which means that tracking the food you eat is quite mandatory.

However, the use of notebooks, diaries, spreadsheets or custom-made forms can prove to be a real nuisance. For this reason, self-monitoring diets tend to decline over time. Luckily, those ICTs devices in our pockets could come in handy. Mobile health (mHealth) technologies allow people to easily track their diet and to receive feedback wherever they are.

Let’s give a brief look to one app that could help your diet progress.

Lose It!


After completing your profile, the app will generate your daily calories needs and a personalized weight loss plan.  Lose It! provides three ways to track your calorie intake (“Search it, Scan it, Snap it”):

  • Search in Lose It! database.
  • Use the app’s Barcode Scanner to scan in foods you’ve eaten.
  • Take a picture of what you are eating to receive an estimate of its intake.

Through the app you will receive daily and weekly reports about your results and progress (e.g., graphical representation of your weight changes). As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Lose It! also connects you to people that are trying to achieve the same healthy goal as you. You can participate in challenges with them and share information or ask questions in a dedicated forum.

Scientific literature stress how sharing a common goal with other people could be beneficial for all the users (e.g., Meng, 2016). Indeed, virtual social networks could have a significant influence on one’s health behaviours (e.g., weight loss).

Lose It is free, with a $39.99 premium option that includes much more tracking, meal planning and other handy upgrades.

Useful links:

Lose It for iPhone & iPad
Lose it for Android
Lose It Kindle

Stay tuned to the Healing and make the world a better place one bite at the time.

Do you want to know more about science and weight loss through apps?

Check on Google Scholar these articles:

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