Skyrim – How to make combat realistic and immersive with mods

Little DR Muffin 2 blog.pngLooking for realism and immersion in an enjoyable non-destructive fashion? Keep scrolling!

Skyrim can prove to be quite a challenge if played with realistic mods… but does it automatically translate in enjoyment for the player? Not always.

So, i’ve made a small list of what i consider to be the most realistic and immersive combat mods that won’t ruin the fun, and in the best cases, amp it up a notch. If you don’t know how to install mods, check this easy step by step guide.

True Armor


Let’s start with a staple mod: True Armor. This mod allows you to cover in full plate armor and feel like you are indeed wearing it, blows are easily deflected by your armor and arrows barely scratch you, while on the other hand, if you wish to play the nimble and fragile thief/assassin, you’ll have to play in a high-risk high-reward fashion.

The Mod is fully customizable and allows for a number of realistic options, like removing spongies enemies by setting a dynamic health limiter, armor attributes, armor weaknesses and a passive block mechanic aswell.

Simply Balanced


A non destructive way to balance and speed up combat to realistic values. Works flawlessly with True Armor and allows for a variety of tweaks to magic and physical damage dealt by both player and npcs.

Immersive Movement


Tired of speed-running through the entirety of the map and running in and out of an encounter like it was nothing? Probably not if your are a power gamer, but you really deserve better! Immersive Movement aims to tone down the overall speed, making the Player, npcs, animals and creatures movements feel more believable and realistic.

This translates into combat aswell, where positioning and careful tactics become the paramount requirements for survival. The next time you will approach a fight or a particular enemy, you will commit to that fight, running away won’t be as easy as it was before.

SM Drop Lit Torches


Drop Torches to the ground whenever you get a jump scare inside a dungeon or simply need that extra hand to lift a shield or grab that warhammer on your back. The torch will remain lit, allowing you to see what’s happening and giving that dramatic touch to dungeon/night encounters.

Mortal Enemies


Removes the Aimbot-like attacks of npcs and creatures, by imposing limits while they are attacking and making them commit to every attack. In vanilla you would often see enemies adjusting their aim at the last time, aswell as creatures having huge cone attacks that would hit you even if you dodge the actual animation.

Now there is an actual use for sidestep and dodging incoming attacks, effectively fixing the boring vanilla system. Works wonder with immersive Movements.

TK Dodge SE


Already featured in the third-person guide, this mod not only is visually appealing, but also provides interesting and realistic solutions inside a fight. If you feel like an agile character, its only natural that you would make use of dodging to tire out opponents and finding tactical spots to sit on. It would be good measure to increase the StaminaCost from 10.0 to 15.0 if wearing full heavy armor, which can be easily done from the Mod Configuration Menu that comes with SkyUI.

And that’s it for the realistic combat mods, feel free to check out the other Skyrim guides if you’re that deep into the game as i am and don’t forget to tune to the Healing Muffin, Dr. Muffin enjoys the game too.

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