Extinction – How to destroy Ravenii Armor and exploit their weaknesses

Little DR Muffin 2 blog.pngThe Ravenii may look big and menacing, but not that much when you know how to deal with them.

Extinction infamous giants, called by the name of Ravenii, are pretty much the bosses of the entire game. You will encounter them under many flavors, with different skin colors and sets of armor.

Each set will require a specific procedure in order to execute the Ravenii wearing it:

Wooden armor

Wooden Armor.gif

Pretty straightforward, simply aim at the pieces you wish to destroy with the runic attack and it will break. Naturally, you’ll have to break the helmet and collar (if there is any) in order to expose the neck.

Iron Armor

Iron Armor.gif

You need to break the lock of each iron piece you wish to destroy, be mindfull that a lock will require two hits to be broken. The leg armor has a lock in front of it, to destroy the helmet, you have to break the lock located on their forehead as shown above.

Gold Armor

Gold Armor.gif

Pretty much Iron Armor on steroids, as you’ll have to break multiple locks for each piece. Fortunately, one lock requires only one hit to be broken and you can even break 2 locks at one time if aimed correctly. To break a leg or arm armor, you are required to break 4 locks, two on each side. To expose the neck, you have to break a lock behind the neck and another one behind the helmet as shown above.

Bright Armor

Bright Armor.gif

The unbreakable armor, if both legs are protected by Bright Armor, you’ll have to reach the Ravenii neck by climbing on their body or grappling on their armor as shown above.

Bone Armor

Bone Armor.gif

Bone armor has fire coming out, which prevents you from destroying it. For the leg piece, make the Ravenii stomp one time so that the fire stops coming out, at which point, you must quickly destroy it (as shown above). The Helmet requires you to rest on top of the Ravenii neck and wait for him to reach out with his arm as to hit you, at which point, you will swiftly jump away and let him extinguish the fire.

Thorns Armor

Simply locate the wooden plate in front of the piece of armor and hit it two times to break it, same thing for the helmet. Be carefull not to touch it, as it will severely damage you.

Spike Armor

Same thing as the Bone Armor… only more time-consuming. You’ll need the Ravenii to weaken each piece of armor in order to expose a weak plate that you’ll have to hit. To weaken the leg armor, you’ll need the Ravenii to stomp between 2 to 4 times, at which point, the vulnerable part will be exposed in front of the leg and you will be free to destroy it. To break the helmet, simply stay on the Ravenii neck and wait for them to hit you with their hand, jump before they do and watch them weaken their own helmet which will lose the spikes after a few times.

The color of the Ravenii is another thing you should consider when engaging one, as they will give you clue on their behaviour and what to expect.

Green ones

Ravenii 2.jpg

The first type of Ravenii encountered in the game, they are generally busy destroying stuff around them rather than attacking you… unless you get very close.

Purple ones

Purple Ones.jpg

Much more aggressive than their Green counterpart and will often stop their “extinction” duty to attack you on sight. They are also more agile and have the tendency of leaping backwards if you get behind their back.

White ones

White Ones.jpg

The most armored and devasting variant, they only care to destroy their surroundings and you can bet they are real good at it. You should get their attention as soon as possible if you don’t want the extinction meter to fall to 0%.

Red Ones

Red Ones.jpg

The most vicious of them all! Red Ravenii will often attack in an arc wide fashion to hit as much things as possible in front of them in one blow. Thus, you should always avoid approaching them upfront. They will prioritize the player and make great effort to kill him. Beware if going behind them, as they tend to jump up in the air to crush you with both their feet.

Tips & Tricks

Remember that you can always use the whip (press “F” by default) to grapple to their armor or reach an advantage point from which you can strike their neck.

Also, if you happen to need a bit more of charge to ready the execution, you can freely engage the Ravenii, knowing that destroying pieces of armors and severing limbs will generously replenish your charge bar. Cutting one limb will equal to killing two Jackals, destroying one piece of armor will equal saving roughly 3 citizens. Do the math when you are in a rush and you really need to kill a Ravenii before its too late.

Finally, If a Ravenii happens to give you a really hard time, take a minute to sit him down properly and remind him who gets the hot chick. It will take roughly 15 seconds to regenerate each single limb.

Sit him down.gif

And that’s it for Exctinction, stay tuned to the Healing Muffin for more and remember to tell your friends before the Ravenii come to destroy their homes…

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