Divinity Original Sin 2 – How to summon skeletons like a Diablo Necromancer

Little DR Muffin 2 blog.pngMissing the good ol’ Diablo Necromancer with skeletons under your service?

Divinity – Original Sin 2 can be quite fun as a Necromancer… but not as much fun if you were expecting to summon all kinds of skeletons and abominations under your control.

Well, there is a simple mod to fix that:

Necromancy Kick Ass

Necromancy Kick Ass.jpg

Necromancy at its best! Pretty much 6 new summons added to the necromancy branch along with some other spells. The Summons consists in a variety of skeletons, each one with his own role: warrior, archer, mage, tank, healer and even… a rogue cat.

In order to unlock the summons, you are required to combine any necromancy skill book (like Bloated Corpse) with specific ingredients/weapons as shown here:

Undead Warrior

  • Craft : Combine 1 Necromancy Skill Book + 1 One-handed Sword


Undead Archer

  • Craft : Combine 1 Necromancy Skill Book + 1 Bow


Undead Ogre. (Tank)

  • Craft : Combine 1 Necromancy Skill Book +1 Hammer


The Thing. (Healer for undead, Poison specialist)

  • Craft : Combine 1 Necromancy Skill Book + 1 Tooth


Undead Cat. (Rogue)

  • Craft : Combine 1 Necromancy Skill Book + 1 Dagger


Undead Hand. (Fire Mage)

  • Craft : Combine 1 Necromancy Skill Book + 1 Bone

I highly recommend to download the “Necromancy Kick Ass V2.7 – Max Summons 3 – 8AP” under “Optional Files” which will increase your maximum AP from 6 to 8, so that you can keep more summons up at the same time.

To install this and any mod, simply download the file, unzip it with 7-zip and drag the .pak file inside your: Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin 2/Mods folder. If there is no “Mods” folder, just create one and drop the file inside. Remember to activate the mod in the game menu under “Mods”.

Moreover, if you’d like your minions to fight on their own in battle, without having to issue them any order, then check this out:

AI Controlled Combat NPC’S


The mod grants you a handfull of spells to turn AI control on and off for any of your party member, including summons of course, which will start to take position and fight autonomously. The books are located in Fort Joy – Square Way next to the waypoint as shown in the picture above.

Alternatively, if you really want to feel the vibe of the Necromancer from Diablo 2 with an army of skeleton following you, then you may consider trying out Overlord – Necromancy, although it seems to be quite unbalanced and buggy, with skeletons responding to friendly aoe spells and no option to control them whatsoever.

That’s it! Now go, send your fellow skeletons around the world of Rivelon to spread the Healing Muffin… but not before you adopt a totally cute skelly cat!

Undead Cat.png

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