Skyrim meets Dark Souls – How to play in 3rd Person Camera

Little DR Muffin 2 blogWant to play Skyrim in 3rd Person but hate the clunkiness of the camera? Praise the sun!

The Vanilla Skyrim camera always tends to be stuck in the center in front of the character, no matter what action you are performing. It can feel as a quite underwhelming experience if compared to 3rd person newer games like Dark Souls for instance.

To fix this issue, we are going to install some mods, i wrote an easy guide in case you need help installing them.

3PCO – 3RD Person Camera Overhaul – Smooth Camera Follow

This is pretty much the core mod of the list, which aims to directly address the stiffness of the vanilla camera by making it smoothly follow the character. You will be able to dinamically move from one side of the screen to the other without having the camera automatically adjusting to the center.


Mortal Enemies – De-Aimbot your foes

Enemies will finally commit to their attacks, they won’t magically adjust their aim at the last moment to hit you, making sidestep a viable mechanism to avoid being hit.

Lock-On – Lock On Mechanism

If you are playing with a controller or simply prefer a lock-on mechanism flawlessly implemented into the game, this is the mod for you.


Potion Animated Fix

Adds an animation when drinking potions, which can be interrupted for both you and your enemies, effectively cancelling the effect of the potion.

TK Dodge

Adds a dodge animation (even roll) when double-tapping directional keys on keyboard or with the analog stick + Dodge button (LB by Default) on GamePad.


And that’s pretty much it, feel free to add more mods that may suit your style. Praise the Healing Muffin! and remember to share with your fellow “Sun-Loving” companions out there.

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