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Little DR Muffin 2 blogYou can never have enough rare fishes when you are a completionist. 

But first, if you don’t now how to fish in Cooking Mama Let’s Cook, my previous guide on the matter will surely help you.

Now pick up your rod and follow me. There are many rare fishes to be discovered and classified. Today, I will tell you about this zone: Lake.

The method of investigation is the same we’ve used last time in the river zone.
Thus, you should start looking for which fish inhabits each lake’s area, from the nearest to the farthest.

Now take a look here, it’s time to show off my brand new scientific chart!

Lake chart

Will you be able to find them all? Keep fishing with your fellow Mamas, or maybe you’d like to take a break to work in the Fields perhaps? Stay tune to the Healing Muffin!

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