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Salesmuffin 2 blogIt feels good to own “rare things”, the rarest cat of Castle Cats franchise makes no exception!

Some cats are only seasonal, but quite often they are made obtainable for gems or cash.
You may think that cash is the most valuable thing and so the cat with the higher cash price would be the winner. Wrong, at least in part.

Resources, like rare embers, are for sale too and for a high price if you are asking me.
40 rare embers are priced around 32 euro.

We already saw in the Alchemy Cats article that many cats require a good number of rare embers to be hatch. Look at the list and you’ll easily find the winner for the “Rarest Cat in Castle Cats”.

…and the winner is: Chroma.

With 100 rare embers for type (i.e., 300 rare embers totally).
Which means, a value of roughly 240 euro, to obtain this cat.

Chroma also has a one-of-a-kind trait (i.e., for now no other cat has this).
Flamebringer: 20% chance to get a random Rare Ember from Quests.
This means that, eventually, you will be able to re-cover Chroma cost in embers with some effort. How much effort you may ask. Well, on average 1500 quest with Chroma.

Chroma could be a real gem in your virtual treasure chamber!

Till next time, the Black Market has always something interesting to offer.

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