Skyrim – How to install mods in 4 easy steps

Little DR Muffin 2 blog.pngLooking for an easy way to install mods for Skyrim? Look no further.

We will go with Skyrim Special Edition for this demonstration, but it works perfectly with the old Skyrim aswell as they share the same steps with simply different pools of mods.

Step 1) Nexus Mod Manager

Download the Nexus Mod Manager and save it wherever you want.

Double-Click on it and proceed to installation as shown here: Nexus Mod Manager.gif

Step 2) Game Directory

When you’re done with the installation, the program will automatically search for all your existing games directories, in order to know where to install the mods. Simply let it do the job and once its done with it, click OK.

NOTICE: If a game folder couldn’t be located by the program, you can easily set it up manually by clicking on the three dots icon next to the path bar as shown here:

No directory.jpg

Step 3) Our First Mod

Now its time to install our first mod, the Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem.

When the mod page is open, simply hover your mouse cursor under the images bar and click on the “Files” section next to “Description”. A new tab will open, then under the “Main Files” click on “Download with Manager” as shown below:

Installing mods with Nexus Mod Manager.gif

The Nexus Mod manager will automatically open (if it wasn’t already) and will ask you to log in with your Nexus account informations.

If you haven’t registered already, a pop up from the site will ask you to do so, so go ahead and register, its totally free and you don’t need to go premium or anything to get all the mod benefits.

Once you’re logged in, it will automatically install the mod to your game. But you’ll have to activate it first by searching it on the list, clicking on it and then click on the green check mark ✓ as shown here:

Activate the mod.gif

Then simply launch Skyrim either from the Nexus Mod Manager or from your desktop shortcut.

Step 4) Checking if it works

There is a reason why we did install the Spinning Emblem, because it will allow us to instanlty check if we did install mods correctly.

If the Emblem in the main menu is spinning as shown below, you’ve just mastered the easy way to install mods in Skyrim:

Spinning Skyrim Emblem.gif


Congratulations! Now you are ready to delve into the nexus and start skimming through all that modding goodness!.

Optional files and additional tips

Now before we depart, there are some things you may need to know:

Many mods come in different options/versions available to us, for example, the same Spinning Emblem mod that we’ve just installed, offers different speed variants that you can choose from.

Simply go into the “Files” section next to “Description” and check all the “Optional Files” under the “Main Files”. Once you’ve find what you need, simply click on “Mod Manager Download”.

Optional Files.gif

Remember that the Nexus Mod Manager will work for most mods, still, there will be some that will require a different approach explained in detail in the description page.

For instance, there are mods in particular that require the Skyrim Script Extender aka SKSE in order to work properly, you can read more about it in this guide to install SKSE.

Loading order is another thing to consider if you install multiple mods, in that case, simply download LOOT and run it when you’re finished installing your mods, it will sort the load order for you.

If you particularly enjoy a mod you’ve downloaded, don’t forget to click on the “Endorsment button” to shows your appreciation and support towards the author, they really appreciate it.



That’s it for Skyrim Modding, stay tuned to the Healing Muffin and remember to share with your fellow companions!

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