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Little DR Muffin 2 blog.pngRare fishes are often heavier than a normal fish and this leads to a greater income of ingredients.

Also, you can collect them! A specific page in your fishing diary has been set to register them and their statistics (e.g., weight).
Wanna catch ‘em all? Ok, wrong reference but you got the meaning.

Today I will talk to you about this zone: River.

As you may have noticed, you will encounter different rare fishes if you throw your line far or near to your position. I decided to consider this partition (i.e., red, yellow, green, blue) to start looking for which fish inhabits each river’s area. If you are wondering what these colours mean, look at your fishing rod! You see? When you attempt to throw your line into the waters, this little charging bar pops up.

Now it’s time for my scientific chart!

Have fun fishing! Or in case you’re tired with it, consider working in the Fields, it really pays off! Be sure to share with your fellow Mamas out there and tune to the Healig Muffin!

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