How to play Laser League – Basics Guide

Little DR Muffin 2 blogIf you are reading this, you probably couldn’t help but blindlessly dive into that sparkling paradise of neon and death.

To save the life of yours and your beloved ones, i’m going to give you some universal tips that will greatly enhance your survivability thus enjoyment of the game, regardless of the chosen class.

1) Beware the Blade!

Always beware of the opponent’s Blade, one cut at close quarters from this guy and you’re pretty much done, aswell as the whole round probably. Remember though, that his ability has a quite short range, so if you can play around it and avoid intimate encounters you will be more than fine.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a Blade aswell, always mind their position and watch out from baits that could cost your life, like when he’s clearly guarding your fallen teammates pads, wait for lasers to scare him away.

y.jpg One cut at close quarters and you’re pretty much done!

2) You look like you’ve seen a Ghost!

Never, never fall for a ghost trickery. They can literally make themselves invulnerable for a short time and bait you into some nasty laser nodes, or even worse, into the jaws of their Blade friend.

Always pay attention to when they activate their ghost form and strike as soon as they are vulnerable again. Scaring them to waste their ability is also a good tactic, like if you are a particularly rude Smasher or Blade. Use fallen opponents pads as bait, for the ghost priority is often resurrecting allies.

3) Shocked and Smashed

Shock and Smash tend to be quite annoying, especially when they reset your entire ability charge and leave you laying on the battlefiend open for a lethal combo or a wandering laser.

Try to stay out of their reach if you can, although not as dangerous as the Blade, they can prove to be quite nasty in maps full of lasers or if partnered with another Blade.

z.jpgGuess who got Smashed!

4) Watch out! Sniper !

Snipes are a tricky class to master, but if they manage to get on the other side of the map while their ability is active, their can cover a huge range and a wipe may very well occur for your whole team.

Try your best to not let snipes get behind your team right after the beginning of the match, depending on the laser nodes, the snipes can easily align their ability for a clean double or even triple kill if uninterrupted. Give them hell and always activate the laser nodes near the border of the map when available, they will dissuade the Snipe from getting behind your back and give you cover in general.

5) Thief stole my Laser

Speaking of maps full of lasers, thieves can very well turn the tides of the entire match if used properly. When encountered, if you are both going for the same laser node, STOP! They will probably steal the node soon as you activate it, giving you little to no time to react and run away.

Be mindfull of the type of laser node they are going for (range/rotation/movement ecc.), if you think you can take advantage of it despite a thief approaching, more power to you, but a good knowledge of laser nodes and impeccable timing are crucial to beat them at their own game.

x.jpgIf you are both going for the same laser node, STOP!

6) Did someone call the Doctor?

Its great to be alive isn’it? Well then keep an eye on your teammates all the time and always prioritize their resurrection above everything else. It takes one snap of a finger (laser) and everything is over, unless an ally is alive to make up for your mistake.

This isn’t a solo game, having a full and “alive” party dramatically increases your chance of victory. Also, in worst case scenario, if an ally dies to resurrect you and his pad is right next to you when you respawn, resurrect him first, run mindlessly after (if you really have to). There is almost nothing more off-putting than diying to resurrect an ally, only to see him going straight to his demise without even looking at your dead body.

7) General Tips

It goes without saying that a good knowledge of the maps aswell as the nodes that may spawn into it (as you can see on the bottom-right corner during the matchmaking) can make all the difference.

Especially for those who are getting used to the controllers, being gentle with the analog stick allows you to not dash in dire situations and calmly get out of that laser hell. Being also able to predict exactly where you are going to appear when you go over the map border is quite essential.

That’s it for the survival guide, a more detailed and in-depth guide is coming out in the next days for any of you craving specific guides and tricks to maximize your class.

Laser League is currently on sale at 30% off on steam until 19th February! I’d reccommend to grab it if you are a fan of arcadey games and are looking for something fresh and fun to play.

Now, stay away from lasers and tune to the Healing Muffin for more, remember to share with your fellow teammates!

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