Peace Ball

“Do not harm the Pokémon, if they hurt you, turn the other cheek back”

A pristine and welcoming ball, bearing the symbol of peace on both flanks. A friendly blue light radiates out from the ball soon as it opens, luring the wild pokemon as if it was a siren singing under the moonlight.

While concepting the ball, the first thing i did was finding a good placement for the symbol of peace. For that purpose, I thought it would be cool to divide the ball in four additional section (two for each flank) and let the individual parts open up whenever the ball would trigger along with the crystal blue light.


Unlike its traditional counter-part, the peace ball opens from both sides, extending out its sections in a star-like shape, in order to gain stability when thrown on the ground and let out this blue light that should lure the wild pokemon inside (as opposed to the regular ball which requires to be thrown at the wild pokemon), following roughly this behaviour from close to open:


But how does it work?


Don’t be scared by the math, for Dr.Muffin is going to explain you everything.
Two behaviours are represented in this equation:

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The first one refers to your Pokémon companion. The more hits it gets from the beginning of the battle, the higher your catch rate will be. The initial HP of your Pokémon is the denominator, while the remaning HP when you throw the Peace ball is placed in the numerator. The smaller this ratio will result, the less you’ll have to subtract from 1 and all this means that you’ll have a higher catch rate.

However, beware if starting a battle with a low HP pokemon and then healing it afterwards. If your initial HP are lower than the HP when you attempt to catch something with the Peace ball, you’ll make the first addend negative, thus decreasing your catch rate. I’ve just warned you!

The second behaviour is referring to the wild Pokémon you want to catch. The ratio is the same as before. But this time, you will have to maximize this ratio. How do I do that? Do not harm the wild Pokémon. Any HP subtraction will decrease your catch probability.
Dulcis in fundo. k is a constant that values 2.5. We will see shortly why this value was selected for k.

How can I be more effective with the Peace Ball?

There are several ways to throw this ball effectively. Now, we will present you with some of the most original strategies that we came up with:

The Shedinja strategy

250px-292ShedinjaAs we’ve already seen, the Peace ball catch rate formula has two behaviours that increase your success probability. What happens when you throw the Peace ball and your pokemon didn’t suffer any hit from the wild pokemon?
The first addend will be reset and your catch probability will be defined only by the second part of the equation. If you do not harm the wild Pokémon, the second addend will be equal to 1.
Now, do you remember the k value? Yes, 2.5. If you multiply k to the previous part of the equation….yeah, it’s simple, you obtain a 2.5 catch rate. It is more than an Ultra-ball.
One way to exploit the maths behind the Peace ball, is to use a Shedinja. Its unique ability to nullify any damage that is not super effective against it will provide you with as many throws as you like with 2.5 catch rate until you do not inflict damage to the enemy Pokémon. Interesting, is it not?

The Focus Sash and Sturdy gambling

Dream_Focus_Sash_SpriteWith great catch rate comes great risk. If you want the higher possible Peace ball catch rate (i.e., ≈5) you will have to expose you and your Pokémon companion to some risks. Peace is a difficult thing to achieve, don’t you think?
So, you already know that you do not have to harm the wild Pokémon you want to catch. However, to maximise your chance, you’ll have to reduce your own pokemon health as much as you can. A Focus Sash item or a Pokémon with the Sturdy ability can prevent a one-hit knockout.
Like in the David and Goliath fight, an apparently small and frail Pokémon could reverse the odds of the battle, allowing you to catch the Pokémon you desire. Throw the Peace ball at its full power and hope for the best! One hit divides you from success or defeat, what will it be?

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