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Space Muffin BlogSooo…are you up to a special and unforgiving Nuzlocke Challenge?

Don’t know what it is? Well, don’t understimate the “Pokemon tag”, for even a game of that kind may provide a mature and merciless experience…if played in a specific way.


The Nuzlocke challenge is a staple among the hardcore fans of the pokemon games. The name came from a guy who, out of boredom, came out with a ruleset to enhance his gameplay experience, rules such as:

Mandatory Rules

  • You can only catch the first pokemon you encounter in each new area (cave, route, city ecc…). If you fail to catch it or it simply runs away, you can no longer get another one in that area regardless. Shiny pokemon are excluded from this rule and can be catched freely.
  • If a pokemon faints, you have to release it as soon as possible. If you can’t release it (i.e. pikachu from pokemon yellow) leave it in a “graveyard box” permanently. Naturally revives are not allowed, once a pokemon faints it is considered dead.
  • If your whole party gets wiped out, the game is over and you have to restart from the beginning.
  • You must nickname every pokemon you catch. This is done in order to get attached to it even more, leading to an even more painful separation eventually.

These rules above are pretty much mandatory, but things are just getting started, for even more optional rules can be thrown into the mix:

Optional Rules

  • You can heal your party at a pokemon center only one time when you first visit a town, then another time from the same center after you’ve beaten the local gym leader. If there’s no gym in the town/area, you can only heal them once.
  • If your whole party gets wiped out, the game is over, you have to restart from the beginning.
  • Your pokemon have to be within five levels over the current Gym leader highest, to prevent grinding and overleveling.
  • You cannot run away from any fight
  • Go into the game options and change the combat rule from shift to set, this way, every fight will feel more interesting as if you were fighting online. No more prompts to change your pokemon whenever the opponent’s one is defeated, giving you an unfair advantage over the next pokemon.
  • Turn the EXP. share off.
  • You can catch legendaries, but you’re not allowed to use them in battle.

You may be asking to yourself, why going through all of that? Simple. There is more glory and accomplishment than it may seem. Similarly to the Ironman Challenge of Fire Emblem, this is a test of endurance, of will and spirit, that sets the hardcore gamer apart from the relaxed/casual one.


Remember that you can always change your ruleset accordingly to your preference/play-style.

But here! For my challenge! We’ll go as hard as we possibly can!

Playing through one of the longest games, with plenty of challenges and a few couple of breaths between one league and the next, I’m talking about Pokemon White/Black 2. The game itself is quite long, surviving till the end in a Nuzlocke with no party wipe may result in a quite interesting challenge.

Frame 1

  • Complete a whole Nuzlocke run in either Pokemon White\Black 2 in Challenge mode, following ALL the aforementioned rules with no exceptions.
  • Additional rule: You cannot buy any pokeball from the market, you can only use those that you find on the ground or within special events.

2 Stars

Since pokeball efficency is paramount for this challenge, the geeky muffin could help you here, and don’t forget to check out the awesome Nuzlocke community on Reddit, those guys never miss an opportunity to give me the chills with their sad stories.

That’s it for the Pokemon World. If you’re up to the challenge, losing a pokemon is like leaving a tamagotchi to die, it will never come back the same. Ahahaha! I will see you, in the next Challenge…trainer.

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