Reaper’s ultimate guide – The Perfect Timing.

Little DR Muffin 2 blogDeath Blossom is quite the deadly ultimate.

It can literally wipe out the entire enemy team if used properly. However, you probably don’t want to be in this guy’s shoes:


But worry not! For you are about to learn how to nail the perfect Death Blossom!

When should you unleash your ultimate?

tenor (1)Game after game you probably have learnt that some situations are better than others to take advantage of Death Blossom. In general, you should always take the enemy players by surprise but also wait until they are all vulnerable. This means that there are specific circumstances where jumping and pressing Q can provide the most effective results.

Here’s a list of opportunities for your PotG!

Roadhog just used his hook.
Indeed, Roadhog’s Chain Hook could cancel out Death Blossom and you do not want your ultimate to be wasted. However, taking out Roadhog with just your ultimate is a very risky gamble. He has much more hp than Reaper and his close-range shotgun is as deadly as yours. So, since a decent Roadhog could take you down easily in this situation, I suggest to take him by surprise by shooting two close range shots and after that (with a lower amount of hp and time to react) swipe all the other enemies around him.

Reinhardt’s shield is broken.
Generally, if the enemy team relies on Rein for their safety they usually stay near (i.e., behind) him. Obviously, you don’t want Reinhardt to shield his team from your shotgun massacre. So, if you see his shield falling down into pieces, you could safely use your ultimate.

McCree just used his Flashbang.
As for Roadhog’s hook, also a flashbang can interrupt your deadly dance. If you see a McCree using his flashbang, you have 10 seconds to strike before he can use it again.

Zenyatta and Lucio ultimates are not ready.
Zen and Lucio ultimates are like a tilt button, ready to be pressed when something crazy happens around these two healers. You could try to get rid of the healers with your shotgun and after that press your Q button in the face of the enemies, but be careful, since Lucio has a high survivability he can easily disrupt your surprise attack.

However, if you think that their ultimates aren’t ready yet, you can just jump above them and take your enemies out.

Winston just used his bubble.
A good Winston could literally nullify your damage output with his barrier projector and prevent his teammates to die. Clearly, it is very unusual for a Winston to stay close to his party as they much more busy jumping around. However, if Winston is with his party, you should definitely keep an eye on his bubble.


Tracking all these actions/situations at the same time could prove quite difficult to accomplish at first. Thus, you should start by slowly focussing on one at a time and then act accordingly to exploit your enemies weaknesses.

And for Mercy’s sake, always stay on high ground whenever you can, not only it grants you enhanced awareness of your surroundings, but will also help you achieving that surprise factor  for your ultimate…sure, its a bit of a glitche nowadays to see a reaper falling from the sky, but effective nonetheless.

Now go and collect their souls!


Stay tuned to the Healing Muffin and remember to share with your fellow Reapers out there!

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