Fast levelling on Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Little DR Muffin 2 blogThe game, published by Torn Banner studios and released on May 2017, does not sail in good waters now.

However, whether people play it or not, the completionist life is not an easy one. You know you had to obtain every title, cosmetic or wathever item even when nobody’s playing the game.

So, are you ready to spend all your free time trying to get that awesome looking sweater for your Taurant? Good. We will tell you how to do it efficiently.

The quickest way to get reward chests is to level up.
After every match, according to your performance, you will earn some points that will fill your level bar. Players are difficult to slay, but BOTs are sweet to kill.

What should I do?

All you should do is to search in your “Server Browser” the matches labelled as “Robot Assistance”.


In this type of games bots will be generated to fill the players roster.
Your candies are ready to be devoured.

Any recommendations?

A lot of recommendations.


First, you should pick a class that can deal AoE (Area of Effect) damage and resist one or two hits from the brainless bots. My choice was the Taurant, but you can choose anything you want really.

Moreover, try to maximize your score by taking multiple kills in a short period of time. One kill grants 100 points, any following kill within the time limit will net even more points (e.g., the fifth kill values 250 points instead of 100). An additional score bonus is rewarded based on your killing streak (i.e., how many consecutive kills you can get without dying). Thus, try to stay alive.

How many points can I earn by doing so?

It depends on your ability, however we conducted several experiments.
An average score between all the game modalities with the “Robot Assistance” feature (i.e., Payload, Capture Points, Multi-Stage) is approximately 1kpoints/minute. Not bad isn’t?

That’s all! Enjoy your new rare sweater!

Stay tuned to the healing and remember to share with your fellow muffins!

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