How to use a Silenced Pistol – Fortnite Battle Royale

Little DR Muffin 2 blogFrom January 2nd a new exciting weapon is ready for your arsenal.

The Silenced Pistol can be found in treasure chests, supply drops or as in-world loot, in both Epic (i.e., purple) and Legendary (i.e., gold) colours. Obviously, the noise of the weapon is strongly damped and this will help you taking some stealthy picks. Nobody will see their death coming.

Body shots with the Silenced Pistol deal 26 damage, while head-shots are rewarded with a 65 hp subtraction. Keep it in mind when approaching your target.

Dr.MuffinDistance doesn’t seem to be a big issue. Clearly, the Silenced Pistol is even more viable in close and medium range combat. However, there doesn’t seem to be any falloff range. So, it all comes down to skill between you and your prey.

But most of all, no reload is needed. Shower your enemy with a rain of bullets. Eight body-shots and even a fully shielded enemy will be gone forever.

Want to be even more effective?

Here is a list of stealthy players who have mastered the use of the weapon. Steal their tricks and master your own!

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