Pokémon Uranium – Christmas gifts

Little DR Muffin 2 blogDid you know? Santa is a Pokémon trainer too (ID: 12025).

If you enjoy this fan-made game, don’t lose the opportunity to grab two special Pokémons.

Farfurr and Antarki are waiting for you in their new Christmas skin.
Not only that! Both Pokémons have perfect IVs and are affected by the mysterious Pokérus.

Farfurr (IceIC_Big DragonIC_Big) is at level 5 and he knows Dragon Tail, Powder Snow, Tackle and Dragon Breath. His ability is Fur Coat and his nature is Carefull.

Antarki (GhostIC_Big FireIC_Big) is at level 5 and he knows Nightmare, Dream Eater, Psywave and Night Shade. His ability is Prankster and his nature his Modest.

Select Mystery Gift on the main menu and enjoy your 6IVs Christmas.

Also, there is a chance for each Pokémon to be shiny, so be sure to save before claiming in case you want to soft-reset!

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