Shuckle Juice – From healthy drink to “love” potion.

Little DR Muffin 2 blogThere is a plethora of ways to enjoy PokeDollars with style. I’m gonna tell you one…

The first one I want to present you is…. Shuckle juice (I know, you had already guessed it from the title). Anyway, let’s move on. What’s so special about it? Imagine sharing a fresh and healthy drink with your Pokémon companion as you would share a beer with your best friend.

Shuckle juice can be drunk by humans and Pokémon alike.
The berries juice ferment inside the shells of these lovely and underestimated Pokémon for an entire year. Interestingly, only wild Shuckles can produce quality juice. So, why don’t you take a sip of wild life?

GarçonXYHowever, if you are looking for something even more “juicy”, please enjoy this purple liquid.

Don’t ask me what it is…You did it didn’t you? My plans never work like they should. This juice does not work for humans anyways! You would only have felt warm and fuzzy, just as with any other alcoholic beverage.

However, let me explain.


Purple (i.e., shiny) Shuckles produce a little different juice from the other ordinary Shuckles. The fermentation process is the same, but the results are widely different.
Indeed, humans who drink it began to produce pheromones. This strong pheromone flow lasts for three days and attract any nearby Pokémon. Consequently, you would have been suddenly surrounded by lovestruck Pokémons. Not bad, isn’t it? However, you should be able to raise your affinity also with one single Pokémon, just do not venture outside….in the wild, between grass tiles, and you should be fine.


So, do you wanna taste some of the Shuckles’ juices?



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