Vegito, the Uncatchable Candy – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Little DR Muffin 2 blogIf I had to choose one power from the Dragon Ball universe, it would be the Chocolate Beam.

That amazing purple ray that turns everything into sweets. So delicious…..Anyway, for this Halloween Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle staff  has given us the opportunity to claim for ourselves that coffee-flavored jawbreaker known as Vegito.


During the event “Trick or Treat! Majin Buu’s Candy Mischief!” (available untill 11/15) you have the chance to obtain Vegito (candy) by mercilessly defeating the Innocent Assault Majin Buu (Good) or the World’s Strongest Candy, Vegito (Candy) itself.

Why is Vegito (Candy) so special?

Screenshot_20171111-101622Everyone wants what they cannot have (in this case catch), am I right? Vegito (Candy) has an high chance to evade enemy’s attacks (including Super Attacks). Moreover, his capability to evade attacks could be enhanced by another 15% trough Hidden Potential mechanincs.

But what is exactly the percentage of evasion from others’ attack? Well, it was not well defined, the card says “high chance” but does not provide any further detail. So, we did some experiments.

We defined the base probability of Vegito (candy) to evade attacks. Thus, the final probability to escape was formalized as it follows: P(final) = x + 15%.

Dr.MuffinSubsequently, we exposed our poor jawbreaker to 100 attacks, just to have an idea. We achieved 66 evasions. This result probably over-estimated such chance by 1%. Approximately, the base evasion rate (i.e., the high chance) should be around 50%.

Overall, that means that Vegito (Candy) could reduce the incoming damage to your character by 65% in the long run.  Not bad at all, only cards like Golden Emperor, Golden Frieza could perform better but only under certain circumstances (i.e. Damage received -80% when HP is 50% or above).

Definitely put your hands on this delight if you have the opportunity or the appetite!


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