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What is Overwatch?
Overwatch is an objective-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard and released on 2016. Read more.
How to play Gwent Homecoming
So, Gwent has been officially released, but are you ready for its “Homecoming”? Read more.
Pathfinder Kingmaker – How to solve the prologue Statue Puzzle
So, you stumbled upon your first puzzle and wonder what to do before you mess up something? But what if Read more.
Pathfinder Kingmaker – How to build a Necromancer
To become a necromancer, you can be a cleric, wizard or sorcerer, but if you wish to incarnate death itself, Read more.
How to beat Android 17 Defender of Beliefs and Dreams – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
You couldn’t find a way to surpass and crush into pieces Android 17’s barrier, eh? No need for lasers, just Read more.
Pathfinder Kingmaker – How to kill Spider Swarms
Believe it or not, spiders are really dangerous in this game, the smaller ones anyway… Read more.
How to beat True Evil Resurrected from Hell Frieza – Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Beating Frieza is challenging since none of the link skills or categories can nullify Frieza’s damage reduction. Read more.
How to beat Earth-Shaking Showdown (vs. Goku)
The brand new Saiyan Led by Fate Goku is now available. Let’s find out the steps needed to achieve his Read more.
Vampyr Review – To feed or not to feed?
At last the spiritual successor to Vampire the Masquerade has come out… but does it really live up to expectations? Read more.
How to get maxed level crew – One Piece Treasure Cruise
Would you like to grind your way up to the end content? Me neither! That’s why we are going to Read more.